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Sarada Sarita – Q4 Squaring The Circles

september 30, 2017 · recent ·  

Sarada Sarita-Q4 Squaring the Circles-Dansmakers Amsterdam


Dansmakers Amsterdam – YOU BETTER MOVE! MEETS FUNK.IRC – curated by Yordana Rodriguez

Sarada Sarita is a choreographer that is not shy to speak her mind and heart, likes to make statements with her work, and stands for humanity and equality. The coming two years she will develop her own practice under guidance of ISH. With Q4, Squaring the circles, Sarada took inspiration from the Quaternity-theory of Carl Jung, geometric shapes as the square and circle, and New Way Vogue to reflect on the structures and patterns that shape our lives. Choreography & Concept Sarada Sarita. Dance Carlotta Ippolito, Aran Asafo, Lara Matthey, Tamara Robledo Oud, Venla Keskinen and Sarada Sarita Keilman. Costumes Rani Art.

You Better Move! is a one-day dancefestival whereby Dansmakers Podium is the stage for the makers. This recurring festival is an invitation to the dance field and audience to come together, talk, and share ideas. This edition is programmed by Yordana Rodriguez, an executive dancer, coach, teacher and manager of Funk.IRC (Illusionary Rockaz Company). She is one of the best female poppers in the Netherlands and has won many battles. During an ever-changing and spectacular evening consisting of performances, a film, and a jam led by an energetic DJ and MC, she brings advanced dancers and people that are new to hiphop together.